Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maria. Maria Ozawa

If you are going to watch Maria Ozawa Specials inside your office, make sure that you are not watching it in full screen and there is no ultra conservative woman behind you. Anyway, It is OK, she'll just laugh at what she'll see (specifically what Maria Ozawa is putting in her mouth) It's blurred anyway. No Harm Done.

menculik miyabi

Anyhoo, what’s up with Indonesia? Seems to me they are beginning to be the “turning point” of porn stars who wants to start a wholesome career part in acting. First, there was Maria Ozawa doing a horror movie followed by a comedy movie. Now at least 2 US porn stars are following suit. Even Sasha Grey is going to visit Jakarta to grace the red carpet and support her “colleagues” career moves. (yes, I am well updated on all kinds of news stories)

In the meanwhile, Indonesia being a widely strict/conservative Muslim country is torn on how to implement their codes on morality without admitting they committed sins against it. You see, they wanted to ban the these movies because the actors were stars of “immoral” films, but when asked if they have a proof, they can’t say yes, because watching porn, or possessions of these materials is a crime that will result incarceration and x number strokes of canes.

Politician: She’s Immoral because she stars in a p0rn movie!

Pilisopo: How’d you know?

Politician: Errr…

Pilosopo: Have you seen one of her movie?

Politician: Errr…

I love it when logic wins.

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