Thursday, November 24, 2011

Long Time No Post. So Here's Something to Keep us Running

I am playing John Legend's Evolver album in my iPod in the loop for almost a day now. His album is sooooo addictive I think I'm turning gay overnight.

And I used to be industrialspeedmetalprogressivepunk rockerboy with a peace sign and a beer on my hand, and Ayn Rand book with an attitude.

I borrowed a DVD from the library, and I don't know what came into my mind when I took it. For once I thought I'd see a bollywood film that is not a musical production given that the main actor is English. Fat chance.

Now, I'm not really a bollywood watching kinda guy, but I'd watch any movie with Aishwara Rai. She's the only indian actor I know, and yeah, Amitab Bachman (who doesn't know Amitab Bachman anyway?) There is something really special with Indian actors really, specially the Men. They can act, do action movies, dance and sing -- in falsetto mind you. I wanted to go to India someday and I'm wondering if people will actually spontaneously break into a dance number. Flash mobbed in India -Dude that will be an experience of a life time. 

Jai ho!

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