Saturday, February 12, 2011

Turning Japanese–Random weekend thought

Very few people know perhaps even my closest friends and my family don't have any idea err...I think nobody really knows because I never told anyone yet or maybe I told a friend about it casually but did not sounded so serious at that time and probably forgotten about it now- that I wanted to become a Japanese.


Yes and if I ever become one, if it's possible at all, I want to live in Japan, preferably in Tokyo and have my own punk band. Don't tell me to shutthefuckup and just be content of being what I am now and be patriotic and all because we all know that's bullshit.

This idea have been running through my head for sometime now and the very reason WHY I want to become one is already vague to me.But that will not stop me from pursuing the idea, no no! And nobody can stop someone from becoming a Japanese! Or an Eskimo or a Jedi Knight! You may think this is just another 'phase' that I will go through life like eating a balance diet and you might be right at some point there but I just don't give a shit right now.
I want to become a Japanese! Alright, that sounds weird when I say it out loud. Anyway, yeah.


I even own a samurai…

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Notes on Kalibo–Caticlan Transfer

I'm starting to think that Boracay will be a yearly pilgrimage for me. I was captivated by its charm ever since my first visit last year. So when the I found out that PAL had a seat sale to Boracay last December I didn't think twice and booked a ticket for January.

bora 015

The flight from Manila to Kalibo was thankfully uneventful. The weather was nice and cooperating albeit the strong winds and news of typhoons at the eastern parts of the Philippines. The newly built terminal was a surprise. I found out that Zest Air and China Southern flies direct to Kalibo now from Shanghai.

We boarded a van for the 2 hours transfer from Kalibo Airport to Caticlan Jetty. Earplug in my ear set to my "lullaby" playlist on my i-touch and I was prepared to doze off the whole duration of the trip. But the cramped seat and the breakneck speed driving keeps me awake. I had 3 American girls behind me giggling and suddenly exclaiming "I want that puppy" and "three" and "awww cute" and "that's five, no six!"

bora 208

They were counting the Askals, or Stray dogs. Apparently, there are no stray dogs in their countries. Oh well, I was not sleepy and I joined their fun, counting the dogs by myself. I got easily bored and made my own list of anything too.

So here are the notes on List of Kalibo to Caticlan Thingeys;

4 cell phone calls answered by the driver while driving.

34 stray dogs

8 cows grazing at the grassy roadside

1 cemetery

14 schools

3 twenty-songs-playlist

5 albums (Finished 500 Days of Summer OST without skipping)

9 Y-fork roads


4 miles of seaside road

a group of Kite surfers

3 foreigners seating behind me, giggling, laughing and enjoying the local sceneries

4 disgruntled local couples who can't take the 3 noisy foreigners

lost count on vehicles overtaken, I stopped at 33.

1 hour and 56 minutes Travel

Also I managed to acquire two new foursquare badges. "I'm on a boat" and "Explorer" Badges. Yey.

bora 019

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