Saturday, February 12, 2011

Turning Japanese–Random weekend thought

Very few people know perhaps even my closest friends and my family don't have any idea err...I think nobody really knows because I never told anyone yet or maybe I told a friend about it casually but did not sounded so serious at that time and probably forgotten about it now- that I wanted to become a Japanese.


Yes and if I ever become one, if it's possible at all, I want to live in Japan, preferably in Tokyo and have my own punk band. Don't tell me to shutthefuckup and just be content of being what I am now and be patriotic and all because we all know that's bullshit.

This idea have been running through my head for sometime now and the very reason WHY I want to become one is already vague to me.But that will not stop me from pursuing the idea, no no! And nobody can stop someone from becoming a Japanese! Or an Eskimo or a Jedi Knight! You may think this is just another 'phase' that I will go through life like eating a balance diet and you might be right at some point there but I just don't give a shit right now.
I want to become a Japanese! Alright, that sounds weird when I say it out loud. Anyway, yeah.


I even own a samurai…

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