Saturday, July 9, 2011

Yesterday Thoughts

Yesterday, I realized I've been living with my EZ link card alone for 3 days straight. Last night, I decided that I want burgers for dinner. Semi-real food for a change. I fished out my wallet and wondered why I don't have any money left. I then realized, I've been surviving for cup noodles for lunch since tuesday and bread with nuttela for dinner. There have been a buffet lunch hotel presentation last Thursday and I was able to stuff myself silly with cereal prawns and chili padi, and never since last tuesday did I took  out notes from my wallet. I remember topping-up my EZ link card for 20dollars last monday though.

Bachelor's groceries
Yesterday, my trial for Adobe Photoshop expired. In these moments I started contemplating why I ever bought a Mac. I can't find any pirated version and the keys I gathered are not working at all. I'm back with my Acer laptop to post process my works.

Yesterday, I realized I need some proper lens if I wanted to take my part time job seriously. Having a 50mm prime lens is not enough. I also need a speed light flash. The problem is my limited budget.

Yesterday, I ran out of peanut butter.

Yesterday, I saw an old uncle feeding sunny side up eggs to the birds. Ignorance is bliss.

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