Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Signal Man! My Superhero Name

Today I have a strange super power. Everytime I stare at my phone, it's either I will receive a call at that very moment or a text message from someone. EVERYTIME.
My worry is I may not be able to handle the responsibilities that comes along with this power. And I have a tendency to break like a bird sometimes.
Should I make my own tight costume? Or should I mingle with mortals?
The stress is just killing me-

Also, I can't think of a better title for this post 0_0

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fark Pork!

I once had a chat with my across-the-door-neighbor Rashid in the stairway while secretly sipping coffee, secretly because its the Holy Month of Ramadan and nobody wants to get caught with food and drinks stuffed in our mouth during this time or face an unholy consequence.

Anyway Rashid is a complete retard and full of shit because he told me that in order to cleanse my body and soul, I need to stay away from meat and consume only vegetables and tea. I told him that its such a stupid thing to say that even Gandhi will probably wake up from his grave and slap him seven times so he'll achieve an instant Nirvana. 

I further disputed him by implying that pork is sooo delicious it will give him the tranquility and limitless experience of enlightened mind that he's searching. He told me he opposes any violence against animals, I told him its fine, pigs are aware that they are being fed to be violated and be serve as Barbecued Pork Ribs with Chili Sauce Glaze. They will die fulfilled and satisfied if they served their purpose in life. He told me I'm crazy and I can go fuck myself. I told him I will.

This is not a post against vegetarians nor racial and religious discrimanation, but a post about a man wanting his meat and being told that he will go to hell because of it. 

PS. Just so you know, Rashid's breath stinks with curry, works at a construction site at the Marina district and constantly boasting his supposedly 7inch penis in every conversation and the number of Pinay from Lucky Plaza he supposedly banged with it.

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