Tuesday, January 29, 2013

To The Future Mrs. Fullero

Dear Future Mrs. Fullero,

It has been quite some time since I wrote you a letter. We have been together for a very very very long time. For a semi-ADHD-free-spirit-Libra like me, it feels like eternity. As a matter of fact, this is the longest commitment I've ever entered. Longer than my record career posting of 2 1/2 years and longer than any hobbies that I put my mind into.

I will marry you.

I can't wait to get married to you.

We will put on more years, even longer than my 14 years of my education combined. I cannot guarantee that the future will sail smoothly for us, our years together says it will not be so. There will be hardships and a lot of things you will have to put up with me and I will need a lot of patience to deal with you. But one thing is for sure, these will all be overwhelmed by the Love that we will pour in our relationship. We will endure like we did with our Long Distance Relationship.

You said you never had an inkling that I'd propose soon. With my father retiring, my sister still in her last year at the University, a couple of siblings jobless back then, it's not really a good time to save for a wedding isn't it? Honestly, I was thinking along the same line.

It never came into my mind until one weekend in August, when I woke up and said to myself "I gotta buy a ring!" It occupied my daily thoughts, nagging in the corner of my mind for months on end. I knew I have to take action or else I will explode. I don't know why, but I had a very bad premonition that you'll leave me  if I don't do it soon. That scared me a lot. You remember that cliched line from City of Angels? When Nick Cage told Meg Ryan that He'll rather have a short life with her, than eternity without her, or something along those lines? That's exactly how I felt. I ran my hand on my head and felt Nick Cage's hairline.

I can't remember the details last Christmas when I proposed inside the UST Church. All I know is that it was wet, because we were both crying. For some reason, both of us were kneeling too, but after you nod your head (I didn't hear you explicitly say YES) I felt way way better. Even your mother's looonnngggg text back informing her that I proposed, wouldn't dampen my mood. (I got a reply eventually saying "K")

I can't wait for us to share our own home in Pasig. Decorate it with furnitures from Ikea, curtains from Divisoria, and appliances from our wedding guests (hopefully). We will travel definitely. You'll have someone to hold your hands inside the plane because I know you're terrified of flying. We can go to that train trip from Malaysia to Cambodia finally. Maybe visit Jeju island in the future. I want to be with you alone first and savor being a married couple for as long as possible.... Then maybe we can have our own little runt or two. I pray to God that he/she will look like you. Tisay, big-eyed, with a facially proportioned nose. I'd love him/her to have a healthy supply of hair folicles too. We have to admit, my hairline plus your jawline is not a good combination.

We will be the good cop / bad cop when It comes to parenting. Naturally, between the two of us, you're the bad cop. We will be the coolest parents ever, you teaching them about good manners and right conducts, me about Starwars and how LOTR is the greatest piece of literature ever!

You see, I can't stop thinking and dreaming of our future together. I can breath it right now as I am typing this. I can smell the apple pie you will bake for me. I know you don't know how to cook, and neither do I, but I think I can live by with your brownies and cookies and pies. I can even see us past our middle age in our rocking chair sharing, watching movies on the future iTablet 40-50 years from now. Probably doting on our grandchildren. I don't know about you, but for me the future seems so near now.

If I could I'd move December 2013 tomorrow.

I hope you won't get tired of me saying I Love You. Because I really do :)

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