Thursday, October 6, 2011

Having a Japanese Friend is the Closest to Being One

I wish I have a Japanese friend. So far I've only met and almost talked to one, Yusuke, during a lomo photowalk. I talked to him once while crossing the street and joked about being the same name as Ghost Fighter's main protagonist and all I got was a dumb stare. Like "who-the-hell-are-you-talking-about" look. But I later learned he can't just cant really understand english. For all the hightech gadgetry and badassery when it comes to technology, apparently his mind was running like a 512mb modem when it comes to language.

So I left him alone, with his green Diana looking serious, sporting that Samurai look. I wanted to befriend him, but I guess that's not happening. Why is it so hard to do that these days without sounding like a complete retard?

Anyway, I finished re-reading The Train Man again for the nth time and it never fails to make me smirk everytime i see the typography characters.

Let me share you some.

    |      -- macho man
   / \
 /     \

( \\     -- ocho ocho man!

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