Monday, July 23, 2012

My Mind is Travelling in a Speed of Light

I admit that I have a short attention span. I cannot travel without a book or  music. My 45minute commute usually consist of listening to podcasts, whole albums I've downloaded (currenly playing: Dashboard Confessional, Alter the Ending album) or reading a book I borrowed from the library. Lacking these, I either read anything my eyes set upon. I once spent 10 mins reading and scrutinizng every detail of a reciept I got from Old Chang Kee, or rearraging the meager apps on my iPod Touch (total of 19 icons only) or anything that will keep my self in the real world.

It becomes really weird when I start day dreaming. At one time, I pretended I have to power to control the traffic lights. I have this face when I'm concentrating, brows furrowing, eyes slitting, lips pouting. Its kinda like when I'm sitting in my divine dierde. I reckon I look like Vegeta charging up.

See? I'm babbling. I already forgot what I'm supposed to type next.

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