Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Silver Year Existential Crisis.

I've been thinking about becoming a polytheist. No, this has nothing to do with missing Game of Thrones. And yes, I realise my blasphemous notion flies in the face of a few thousand years of "Ye Shall have no other gods before me" (To be honest, even when I was a kid that commandment troubled me. It sounded like a jealous girlfriend saying, "If I catch you looking at other girls, you're in big trouble, Mister!" And don't get me started on how "no other gods before me" kinda implies that there might actually be some other gods loitering about).

But my main reason for considering becoming a Pagan (Pagish?), is that it neatly answers the age-old question, "Why does god allow so much suffering in the world?" When tragedy strikes, the monotheistic approach can only offer the tired old, "It is not for us to question god's will" Really? Why not us? Who else is in the question business? But look what happens when we ask the same question from a pantheistic perspective.

Why do the gods allow so much suffering in the world? Because outside of their particular area of expertise; farming, war, fertility, what-have-you, they are not even remotely in control. The buck stops nowhere. (In this scenario both the Old and New Testament deities are off the hook as far as your general suffering is concerned.)

But here's the really good news: with the polytheistic approach to prayer we can micro-target our beseeching. Trouble with love? Take it to Aphrodite. Not catching enough fish? Poseidon. Are you regularly waking up from the alcohol-induced blackouts in the sleeping compartment of a long-haul trucks that carry circus equipment and little people? That sounds like a job of Dionysus. Your jokes are not funny? How about asking Anansi? In other words, whatever crisis might be, there's a god ready to take your call.

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