Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Commercial Break

This is a post written in Windows Live Writer, And It is AWESOME! You see, I wanted to post a lot of pictures in this blog but blogspot won’t even allow multiple uploading of photos (at least when you are not using premium account) I usually compose the whole story and insert pictures after. Cannot even do drag and drop, cannot even resize. I have to resort to HTML editing.

But now…. Tsaran!!


I can even edit / add effects without photoshop. See that drop shadow?


And the customisable borders?


And the instant water marks?

I can see I can upload a whole album and set it up ala picasa collage. Hmm will try that later.

Looky look I can add Google maps without the hassle of embedding codes.

Anyway this is just a test post and I’m getting ahead of myself.

*** Thanks to Reyna for the information about this awesome application

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 30: Face Off

Good News:

JUN 30 is declared as special holiday. Everyone is encouraged to watch the Noynoy's Presidential Proclamation

Bad News :

Everyone will watch Eclipse Instead

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Weird Bucket List

Take a deep breath... OK here we go

I want a large juicy sloppy burger with complete stuffing full of mayo and cheese and lotsa lotsa ketchup and I want that without worrying the consequence as being dead after a couple of hours. And I want two of them please I want that with a cold cold milo and in a plate with chips and fries I want them served in front of a white beach in Balading and I want Bongerz to be there with me having the same things I want to sleep after

I want to travel in a rugged road again I want trees and farms and mountains and I want pebbles cracking on my feet I want to see that wide river streaming endlessly in the heart of Cagayan Valley I want rain a bit I want sun a bit I want the rain and the sun swaying hand in hand like old friends reunited and doing a 69 in the sky blue sky I want wind in my face disturbing my hair filling my lungs clogging my nose numbing my cheeks soothing my skin Could there be any mushier than this?

I want to see that old man again who live on the foot of the mountains of Maraot Banwa What was his name? "Ka-" something
I want to smell his coffee plants and the fresh coffee he served to us back in 1994
I want to see him play his guitar in front of his old dilapidated shack again I want to smell the dirt of mud on our feet once more

I want to stop by in the rainy Timog Ave have a hot chicken soup beside the road and move on to sunny Santa Magdalena Sorsogon where sunlight bathe our windows and hit our slitting eyes and then open them wide again in ecstatic blindless to the light.

I want a big fucking empanada and I want it from a cart beside the noisy street of Quiapo at four in the morning before the church bell ring

I want a thirteen hour bus ride from Pasay to Sorsogon See those drunks sleeping along the corner of the road and not caring anything but breakfast and coffee the next day I want to chat with them again about the wisdom of not caring anything but breakfast and coffee the next day We would laugh about the frogs in their pockets

I want to see the Coron Sign on top of mount Tapyas again and lay on her green grassy hills overlooking the ocean among with two-toned cows and a rented bicycle

I want to walk up and down Malate with my music with my jacket with my wicked grin and a hard-on because of the chilly weather not because of the prostis of LA cafe

What I don't want are punctuation marks

And I could go on and on about things I want and things I miss and get mushier and mushier every time until I get tired and weary and wanting another one of that large juicy sloppy burger with complete stuffing full of mayo cheese and lotsa lotsa ketchup.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Sound Ang-moh? 0_0

This is not the first time.

Yesterday as I answered the phone, a decidedly phonetically local called for a new travel reservation for a trip to US. Apparently he is new with their company and obviously doesn't know me. Before we hang up the phone he asked for my name so he can look me up if he have any questions, and he sounded surprised because I have a eccentric name ( ok, weird ), and then he asked;

Client: Wait, what are you?

Me: excuse me?

Client: You're not local right?

Me: Yes, I'm a Filipino

Client: Oh... you sound Ang-moh

Me: .....

Ok I'm not sure if I should be proud, but If I'm in PH and sounded like that in front of my friends, or even acquaintances they'd probably tagged me as coño. I'm a proud Jologs though.

* Ang-moh, a Singaporean term for a foreigners, generally attributed to the white races. According to the uncles at coffee shops, literally it means White Skin

* *I would like to thank PeopleSupport for teaching me the coño accent during my 9 months stint at Expedia Corp

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boracay - Notes on Distance Traveled

Boracay, by day

I'm sitting on an idyllic beach in front of Beachcombers Cafe at Boracay, sipping a mango shake, and listening to classic rock and reggae tunes from the next door bar.

The beautiful afternoon sun is glistening on the water of this quiet, glass clear beach.

Surprisingly few people line the beach, mostly couples enjoying a private swim . Sun revellers walk barefoot in this powdery white sands. Some old,some young, some dark, some fair, different size and races.

Our side is free of prosperous hotels and noisy longboats prevalent at Station 2.

Although there are vendors hawking wood crafts, Saint reliefs, shades, and all trinkets and pushy men selling beach activities this peaceful side of Boracay provides a relaxing getaway from the crowds.

Also, the sands are so soft you start wondering why bother with slippers.

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