Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boracay - Notes on Distance Traveled

Boracay, by day

I'm sitting on an idyllic beach in front of Beachcombers Cafe at Boracay, sipping a mango shake, and listening to classic rock and reggae tunes from the next door bar.

The beautiful afternoon sun is glistening on the water of this quiet, glass clear beach.

Surprisingly few people line the beach, mostly couples enjoying a private swim . Sun revellers walk barefoot in this powdery white sands. Some old,some young, some dark, some fair, different size and races.

Our side is free of prosperous hotels and noisy longboats prevalent at Station 2.

Although there are vendors hawking wood crafts, Saint reliefs, shades, and all trinkets and pushy men selling beach activities this peaceful side of Boracay provides a relaxing getaway from the crowds.

Also, the sands are so soft you start wondering why bother with slippers.

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