Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Sound Ang-moh? 0_0

This is not the first time.

Yesterday as I answered the phone, a decidedly phonetically local called for a new travel reservation for a trip to US. Apparently he is new with their company and obviously doesn't know me. Before we hang up the phone he asked for my name so he can look me up if he have any questions, and he sounded surprised because I have a eccentric name ( ok, weird ), and then he asked;

Client: Wait, what are you?

Me: excuse me?

Client: You're not local right?

Me: Yes, I'm a Filipino

Client: Oh... you sound Ang-moh

Me: .....

Ok I'm not sure if I should be proud, but If I'm in PH and sounded like that in front of my friends, or even acquaintances they'd probably tagged me as coño. I'm a proud Jologs though.

* Ang-moh, a Singaporean term for a foreigners, generally attributed to the white races. According to the uncles at coffee shops, literally it means White Skin

* *I would like to thank PeopleSupport for teaching me the coño accent during my 9 months stint at Expedia Corp

1 comment:

  1. Hi friend,

    You are confirmed a coño guy.

    That's what I've always say


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