Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Commercial Break

This is a post written in Windows Live Writer, And It is AWESOME! You see, I wanted to post a lot of pictures in this blog but blogspot won’t even allow multiple uploading of photos (at least when you are not using premium account) I usually compose the whole story and insert pictures after. Cannot even do drag and drop, cannot even resize. I have to resort to HTML editing.

But now…. Tsaran!!


I can even edit / add effects without photoshop. See that drop shadow?


And the customisable borders?


And the instant water marks?

I can see I can upload a whole album and set it up ala picasa collage. Hmm will try that later.

Looky look I can add Google maps without the hassle of embedding codes.

Anyway this is just a test post and I’m getting ahead of myself.

*** Thanks to Reyna for the information about this awesome application

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