Monday, July 5, 2010

Kayangan Lake – Bucket List 1


We were in Busuanga, Palawan, on a banca speeding towards Cayangan Lake on the island of Coron. Half an hour later found us in a lagoon at the foot of an imposing wall of limestone.

DSC09477 Up a steep flight of steps, we eventually huffed-and-puffed our way to a look-out point with an expansive view of the islands. Then it’s down a jagged trail until we descend onto the shores of an emerald-colored sea. Nice, very nice. And the brackish seawater? It’s less than salty because of an an active underwater freshwater spring. Kayangan-view-2

Kayangan is, after all, a sea lake completely enclosed by limestone cliffs. Along the water’s edge, there’s a faint echo that gently envelopes you, like whispering waves inside a seashell. And the water? The color is alive… my photographs fail… this place is enchanted… put it on your bucket list… Enjoy.

DSC09466 DSC09458

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