Thursday, July 8, 2010

Techie at Heart Techie at Work

Is your station in a compromising position? Is your back exposed to the whole world (in my case office) which also means your monitor is wide open to receive the stares of busybodies passing behind you and ready to report to the boss that you are “unproductive” and “distracted” when they see a hint that your are not reading your email or working on an excel file? Most importantly are you only allowed “limited” (read: nil) time to browse the internet save for looking up some obscure cities and google maps looking for unknown hotels?

Well, we are in the same position, and if you are reading this, I might just change your boring office life.

I just devised a way how blend my online life and my work. Nope, its not a faster version of ALT + TAB. There are only 4 steps

1. Install Google Chrome

Chrome 1 

2. Open your email / outlook

Email page

3. Choose a Chrome Theme that will blend to your email


4. Minimize and layover to fit in your reading panel


Awrayti. Feel free to thank me at the comments. 

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