Friday, July 9, 2010

Manila LRTs - Photos of Distance Travelled

Shots taken in different LRT stations in Philippines with my beat up Holga 120 and various slide films

Between travelling by sea and air. I’d prefer the sea, but when it comes to land transportation, I go hands down with trains. It can burrow underground moving through the claustrophobic walls of concrete. Sometimes it runs along the ground racing against the EDSA traffic. Most of the time it moves through the city above roofs with sweeping panoramic panoramic view of the Manila skyline.Its like neither here or there and I like being in between.

Cinco Doroteo Jose Interchange

Dos Carriedo Station

Libertad-station Libertad

Sais Cubao

Ocho Underneath Pedro Gil


Emergence to the light

** afterthought, I just realized some of them got a little of tilt shift effect. Weird.

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