Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Happy Thoughts

I'm really enjoying writing in this small and humble journal of mine.

I have read bloggers who have a hits counter, and some of them are enjoying a 480++ views, I guess that's how juicy and interesting most of their writings are. I envy good writers like that, not only are they intelligent and deep but they are also expressive, worthy of recognition.

With their wide knowledge of both the written and oral language, philandering with it is as easy and as natural as breathing. I really do envy them because they look at every detail with depth of probe and interest. While I continue to marvel them, undeniably, I am learning too.

That's why I took the initiative to write my own journal. Maybe I can finally set my own avenue of expressions? Nah, its still a far cry from reality, but really, writing is a very enjoyable venture. That is, if I know how to write in the first place. I try to append quality entries into my journal as many and as often as possible. I fear that I may be granted the "probing" eye of the better. Nonetheless, I still think that there is so little time for me to keep this journal of mine as alive as it is presently.
So many places to pour my outburst, but so little time. But time is well-spent i suppose. =)

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  1. Yeah i admire those with 98765432 views too, but all those are due to super. super hard work, I'm sure you can achieve that if you wanna! :)


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