Saturday, March 26, 2011

As Stupid as It Gets

I really hate it when things started to gather powder. I hate turning the house upside down and inside out just to look for a pen or a notebook, worse , smaller things like paper clips or a coin. And then when in obvious times that you don’t need them, they’ll appear right in front of you, or you’ll find them neatly arranged in a drawer. You’d like to ask them “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” (But of course I won’t really say those words. I find it disturbing to see other people talking to things and eventually going nuts because of them )

The last place you’ll find them is --- well, the last place you look at. Of course it is! How could you not find them where you found them?! (am I making sense?) It will be extremely stupid if you already saw what you’re looking and ignored it and still looked at other places just so you could “not find them where you looked at” (Geez, why am writing these justifications anyway, if you call these justifications)

Anyhoo, I was looking for my cell phone again for almost the 3 hours. I was sure I left it above the fridge, while I was reheating chicken nuggets for dinner, beside the hiding place for my coins. After my fruitless labours, I resolved to myself that I must have left it inside my bedroom. I even asked my housemates and logged in to Yahoo!Messenger to call it, while my face was laying flat on the floor to feel its vibration (it is on a silent mode), sweeping the my bedroom floor while accumulating various germs, microscopic insects etc. And finally I gave up and resolved it will turn up anyways when i least needed it.

Just barely 2 minutes after I lie down, I was jolted by a vibration. it was on my unkempt blanket, which is the first thing you will see when you entered my bedroom, which I have never even given a glance, or even attempted to fold.

Daily LIving 001

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  1. i thought you were on the phone not knowing u are using it while looking for your


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