Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bicol - Notes on Distance Traveled

Manila - Sorsogon (Donsol, Sta.Magdalena, Matnog ) Manila
Approx: 871 miles

Sleepless red-eye bus ride with a driver from hell. Seated in front of a 2-ton, 60-seater, provincial bus, overtaking everything ON A BLIND CURVE up in the mountain. Priceless.

Seeing the Majestic Mayon Volcano at dawn, surrounded by town debris courtesy of an eruption a month earlier. Spooky.

Stubborn enough NOT to wear life vest and almost drowned on whaleshark territory waters. Diving with abandon, and swimming with 5 of those giant creatures. Exhilarating.

Using a rice cooker as an all around kitchen appliance (cook rice,fry eggs,boil hot water) for breakfast. Climbing the an overgrown "hill" in front of our house. Hearing "engkanto" stories while trekking, watching out for snakes. Sticky wet heat. Manong in batis with Evil Eye. Adventurous!

Lounging at the beach for almost half a day, soaking up skin cancer. Beach hoping. Black sand, pink sand, white sand. Relaxing.

Swimming at the sea wall boundary covered by vivid ocean flora. Chased by fake banded coral snakes, looking for the friendly neigborhood baby octupus. Saving a panicking girl from drowning. Diving for the lost aqua shoes. Emerging Wounded, pounded and scratched at the sea wall, but still breathing. Relief.

Riding a trike by the sea. Looked in 2 cities 2 hours from each other for a bus going back home. Patience running out. Hot heads simmering down thanks to Chowking. 12hours bus ride
back home. Sigh of relief. Life.

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