Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daily Commute - Notes on Distance Traveled

From office at Beach road to my Place at Queenstown
Approx 30mins bus ride

"Nothing is interesting if you are not interested" - someone's facebook status

Never knew my daily commute is interesting. I ride the same bus, pass the same roads, sometimes I take the train but I never look around me. The tower behind my bus stop is Park View Building, The Dark Knight once stood atop of it for a make-believe Gotham Building in "Batman Begins"

It's 6.45 and the bus is still empty, guess everyone is still slaving inside their offices. I sat on window seat further back. I like this seat, there's just a small chance someone will seat beside me. Not much passengers to do "people-watching" so I turn my gaze to the window instead.

Bugis is as lively as ever. Steamboat houses are setting up their al-fresco tables. I like the Modern-chic look of the National Library. Raffles Hotel is both old and new. How did they come to pronounce "Chijmes" as Chimes? Who thought of the name in the first place? Generally Bras Basah area is plain old weird.

Turning right to SMU, or rather turning Hard right, then hard left, then hard right. Bus drivers here don't know how to use clutch or brakes for that matter.

I'm still weirded out that its 7PM and the sun is just setting. I'm adjusting my dinner to 9pm.

I'm travelling just on the parallel street of Orchard Road and I can see the stark difference. Just what a park in between the two roads can do? Whereas Orchard is lively and bright, here it's sombre and grey. But still, there goes your occasional Ferrari.

Trees, bushes, condos on top of the hills. More trees and bushes, parks and all around greeniness (is there such a word?). This is a jungle inside a city or a city inside a jungle. Whatever.

After a dozen of hard turns and sudden brakes, I feel like I just passed the nooks and crannies of this city. Its getting dark (at last) and I'm home (at last)

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