Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunday Sunset Hunting

weekend 021 

One thing I like here is the proximity of everything to anywhere. Even if someone lives at the "heartlands" they are always just maximum 30mins away from the beach, from the museums, from the city, the airport or anywhere they wish to go.

I think I read a trivia that said, Singapore is only as big as Quezon City.

weekend 004 

Case in point, last Saturday while I was enjoying Western 512's 2 dollar cheesy fries around 7 in the evening, I noticed the sunset giving of a really nice orange tinge to everything. ( yes, sunsets at 7PM) The sky was clear and the clouds were puffy and scattered, they look like lost sheep wandering here and there. The right part of the horizon was turning orange red and the left part was still sky blue. Its kinda like Delirium playing crayons and the sky was her canvass.

weekend 034

I decided that I will try to catch it the next day.

I am currently staying the wholesome side of Geylang (lets pretend, Paya Lebar?) and it only took me 20mins by bus to get to Sentosa. I left home around 5PM and arrived at Vivo with the sun still high like noon. Anyhoo, I just loitered around and rested my feet at the sky park pool.

weekend 022 

Around 6PM, I boarded the monorail going inside the island.

And this is what greeted me.

weekend 026 Sun worshipers

weekend 030 The Flying Dutchman

weekend 035 Karate Kid Sun

weekend 028 And the Bikini Bar

weekend 036


  1. Awesome travel photos! I´ve never been to Singapore.

    I´m also adding you to my blogroll. :)

  2. If someday you decided to visit, I'll tour you around.


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