Thursday, December 22, 2011


Zombies. I have been dreaming about those undead lately. Last night I woke up with a start when I dreamt about zombies in our neighborhood (specifically Tramo St) chasing me because of my magic shoes. My body clock says it’s 4am. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know. I tried to sleep again and forced my mind into happier and pleasant things. It settled on a dream about me dancing Usher’s Yeah in Dance Central 2. I feel exalted because I’m nearing 5 stars and following the routine perfectly and well, because this is my dream. But then suddenly, before the last part, the music started shifting to the beats of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Thisiscrazyshit I tell you. Thefuckingzombieswontleave me. I find myself suddenly inside the hospital tied on a bed. Supposedly, like Inception it was a dream within a dream and I was dreaming of dancing while I’m tied into a CT scan something.

Next thing I knew, I was struggling because the doctor was a zombie bent on eating my brains. I ran again with my magic shoes that makes me run exactly at 6.1 seconds per 100 meter, but found out that it’s the shoes that draws them into me and I have to untie the shoestrings to break the spell.

Then my cellphone/alarm clocked turned off and I have to reach it to snooze. I pressed a button and was momentarily blinded by the screen. I wanted to “snooze” again but the freaking light woke me up.

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