Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is One of Those Thingeys

Un-officially this is my 7th will. ( I write them at least once a year when I can't think of anything to write about) As usual, I am just trying to copy/paste from my previous wills and snip some of details here and there. I wanted it to be dramatic but i'm not in the mood tonight, I'm feeling rather morbid instead. I wanted it to be long but I don't have lots of stuffs to leave to people and I only have a couple of people that I want to leave stuffs to.

I leave my gadgets to my siblings. My laptop to my Jess, my cellphone to Joyce, my digicam to Ann and.... oh that's basically it. Uhh, My clothes to an orphanage. I like the idea of helping people by giving them stuffs that I don't need anymore. I look generous instead of, well, dead. I'm not sure if an orphanage is willing to take clothes of a dead man but hey, it's the thought that counts. My books to a library, if ever they're interested in weird fantasy novels.

Anyhoo April is Cancer Awareness month. My granny died of cancer, I have an uncle who died of it, and last year a very close aunt succumed to it too.I'm not wishing of getting it but if its not skipping generation, better me than someone in my family. I think i'd have a better coping mechanism if ever and besides being bald looks good on me.

I keep looking for mistakes but never get to erase anything. So I guess thats it.

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