Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whats In Your Bag?

I miss shooting film. Ever since I bought my first digicam a month ago, the guilty feeling of not holding my Holga never really diminished. I even tried to hide it inside the cabinet because of the feeling of neglect it emanates by just lying on my desk and gathering dust.

So today I just have to scratch the itch. Took my film cams from inactivity and loaded them up with films. I really don't have a plan where to go, but then again the best plan is having no plan.

The More the Merrier

The Weirder the Better

It's a Film Orgy in there

Me loves B&W films

Partners in Crime

Oh, and I also left my digicam behind and found how easy it was. Sure there were those "KodaK" moments that I missed by not having it around and the instant gratification of viewing 100+ pictures but heck, I missed the clunkiness, weirdness and even the black tape patching my Holga more.

Most of the times my digicam always gives good images in a technical point of view, but my Holga always gives the "ummph" factor.

Canon G11 F8 / 2S ISO400

Holga: Bulb Mode 15+s / F what? ISO what? Whats that?

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