Sunday, April 18, 2010

Long Time No See

Last saturday took me walking around town and down the beach. Brought my Holga 120 and vivitar and a stash of films. I finished 2 rolls of B&W films (Lucky and Neopan) but unfortunately I can only get the prints on weds. The studio only process B&W every Tues and Thurs.

But I dropped by to get the cross-processed film today ( Fujichrome Tungsten 64T ) for my Vivitar, and Lo and Behold! After almost 5 months of hibernation, the wide-angled-wonder still got it!

What I like about Singapore is the closeness of everything to anywhere. I can just ride a bus and 30 mins later I'm playing in the sand.

Even locals looks like a tourist in the new Universal Studios. Entrance is NOT CHEAP though.

Also there are parks everywhere. Boardwalk near the sea and even PARK on the roof of a mall.

Another 30 minutes or less from the beach are Historical sights and architecture, like The Raffles Hotel. It's supposed to be the oldest Hotel in Singapore it and has witnessed some very important things in History -- like the invention of Singapore Sling...

Anyway, apparently any ordinary man, or even the CEO or Executive of a multi million company can't afford to stay there. They only have Presidential / Executive / Premier Suite, and the lowest room starts at US99,999 dollars. Famous personalities who stayed there were MJ, Celine Bill Gates and Clinton. The hotel is so exclusive it is even rumored they have underground tunnels/roads connecting to key establishment to avoid the paparazzi.

In Philippines, I like to be in Quiapo by day and Malate by night. I just love being in the crowd. For some strange reason, whenever I walk around without a plan, I always, ALWAYS end up at Orchard Road. Day or night, I always end up there.

Also Dairy Queen's Mudslide Blizzard (w/o nuts) is my comfort food after a long walk.

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