Friday, November 12, 2010

Long Holiday Weekend


Philippines had a holiday last monday for All Saints day and I missed it. Well, because I'm in a country celebrating it as holoween, and wearing costumes and partying crazy is not a proper excuse for a holiday it seems. So yeah, I was working that day.

Anyway, Singapore had a holiday last friday though. It was the Hindu's Deepavali Festival and I decided to spend the whole day at home, catching up with my google reader feeds( 4 days, 2000++ feeds ), reading anime, drafting blog entries that i never get to post, planned on redesinging my blog, signing up with Tumblr, blog hopping, sleeping, napping (they are 2 different things) and occasionally scratching my butt. My lunch was hotdogs and nissin's cup noodles. It seemed like a good Idea lying in bed the whole day, but by 4PM I felt bored and unproductive (at least boredom catched up) So I decided to ring a friend to collect pautang to meet up and hang out but he was busy taking advantage of his friend who checked in at Marina Bay Sands and asked if he can swim at the skypark with them with something else I guess.

Which left me in a conundrum, because I was on my way inside the bus. So, Do I go back to sleep and waste a good .71 cents or continue to my destination solo flight? I decided the latter and my feet brought me to Bugis. Now, Bugis is always my 2nd default destination when bored (first is Borders at Wheelock place)

So anyway, these are the reasons why I like Bugis

Bugis and Pulau UBin 001

Throngs of people

Bugis and Pulau UBin 006

in crowded two-feet-street

Bugis and Pulau UBin 004

Lots of knicknacks

Bugis and Pulau UBin 005

and souvenirs

Bugis and Pulau UBin 010

witty shirt designs

Bugis and Pulau UBin 011

and weird thingeys

Bugis and Pulau UBin 007

Familiar snacks

Bugis and Pulau UBin 008

Overpriced Sumans

Bugis and Pulau UBin 012

cheap dinner

Bugis and Pulau UBin 009

and curry puffs!

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