Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things To Do In Philippines

I am on a 2 1/2 weeks sabbatical and I have decided to spend it in Philippines. Well, actually I am in between jobs and It just dawned on me that changing industry is not as easy at it seems (from travel to creative ). My enthusiasm was not enough apparently and I get easily stumped by technical questions.

Anyway, I already filled my almost 3 weeks with activities I am starting to wonder if my savings will be enough to go back to Singapore. Here are my things to do starting next week.

1. Cliff Dive at Ariel’s Point Boracay. Cliff Diving is one of my bucket list and I’ll be damned if I let the chance pass by. I am going on 27JAN for a 3days 2 night relaxation by the beach.

Ariels Point

2. JAN 28. Attend UST 400 years celebration. Nothing beats going back to your Alma Mater and hanging out to your now successful college buddies, with beer in one hand, and fireworks at the background, singing your Alma Mater Song altogether.

UST 400

3. Try the KFC Double Down. I will forsake my diet plan for 2011 for just a day.

KFC Double Downer

4. Shoot Manila Bay. I’ve never seen a better hued sunset than the one in Manila Bay

Manila Bay Sunset

5. FEB 5. Attend Lomo Theraphy. Get together with my friends.

Lomo Theraphy

I just configured our wifi router today hence the late update. Kinda busy playing with Xbox Kinect too. My 9 year old sister just knocked me down twice in boxing.


  1. It's good to have some time off every once in a while. Lomo therapy seems particularly therapeutic ;-)

    PS. If you happen to play on xbox live, feel free to add me (nick = whathisnamer)

  2. woooohh.. ingat sa pag uwi... isama mo na lang kaluluwa ko

  3. hmmm super gusto ko ung number 1 T_T im dying to jump from that cliff!!! ^^ God bless

  4. langya lomomanila ka din pala! sumasama ako dati sa mga lomowalk :D tara shot tau dito singapore


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