Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is my Sunday Like

1. Woke up at 12NN

2. Fried Hotdog for lunch (I still have to but groceries for that Jamie Oliver’s app)

3. Decided to watch Japanese movies on my bed at 2PM.

I just realized Japanese films just like Awkward Silence in their films. I often find myself wanting to skip a scene because of this. What’s up with 45 seconds of staring, sitting beside each other, or generally doing nothing on the same frame?

Anyway, I watched these movies

How To Date an Otaku


gigolo wannabe

4. 8PM and still at it.

I was just browsing through the titles, I wanted the weirdest, funniest titles at but some links are not working. I wanted to watch a comedy movie, but the damn Titles are misleading. The above three all have sad ending. Either the love one died, went to the states, or realized the relationship is too good to be true. Either way, they got separated and ended without the “happily ever after” factor.

So I resorted to my favorite Japanese Movie

Water Boys 

First time I’ve watched this in 2005, my I almost had a locked jaw because of laughter.

5. 10.30 ish fixed my dinner. Nutella with crushed wafers. (My own recipe) Nomnomnom

Crunchy Nutella


  1. kelangan ko malaman kung sa megamall mo napanuod ang water boy japanese super funny movie? hehe :)

  2. oo sa megamall nga. Japanese Film Fest something :P

  3. mapanood nga yang comedy--ano palang title in english?


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