Friday, January 7, 2011

TGIF Random Thoughts

Here's a little confession, It's been years since I seen The Ring The Movie and up until now I’m still haunted by that scene where the lady brushes her long black hair in front of the mirror.

The Ring

It's not having any sense at all but everytime I remember that, I have to watch a cartoon movie or any movie with talking animals in it to stop my imagination from killing me. At one time, I had to sing a Barry Manilow song over and over again to stop my brain from thinking that freaking woman brushing her goddamn hair in front of that f**ing mirror!

I am not particularly scared in Exorcist movies or any other horror movies, really. I only get frightened when suddenly, out of the blue, I imagine that woman while watching a horror movie. And this happens a lot.

That's why I love Finding Nemo, I love how color orange and blue cheers me up and I cannot- even in my wildest and morbid imagination insert in my head that creepy scene in an under-the-sea cartoon movie. It will take a lot of brainwork to do that.


I also found out that singing I Can't Smile Without You over and over can shoo away all the demons inside my head

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  1. scaryyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pwede ba magtagol dito... baka bawal.. haha pero magtatagalog pa din ako..

    sobrang ayuko ng horror movie... suber... di ako nakakatulog kahit ano pa yan.. kaya naman naadik din ako sa mga kartoon. Hayst. suber adik.. kahit anong cartoon papatusin ko..wag lang horror.. ewan... babae nga yata talaga ako minsan...


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