Friday, December 31, 2010

Game Plan 2011

Tomorrow will be 2011 and I am already referring this year as “last year”. I am that excited. As much as I want to say that having New Years resolution is so cliché’ I still end up having (and posting) mine. After all, I started this year’s (2010)  resolution around August. So yeah, I’m a lazy procrastinator. So here are my Things To Do In 2011 and The Game Plan

1. Lose Weight

Nope, this is not a recurring NY Resolution. As a matter of fact my goal last year this year was to gain weight. My mom and friends scolded me when I went home last February with collar bone showing and sunken cheeks.  They said that I am not taking care of myself. So when I get back here, I decided to put some weight and binge. It’s not really that hard to do. Especially if you have a Hawker Center downstairs selling cheesy fries at uber cheap price. But when my girlfriend came to visit here, she noticed my obvious love handles which she called muffins, and my chest turning in to boobs. Also I noticed that all my photos are showing a noticeable double chin. Fuck.


Game Plan

I bought a Nike Shoes with that smart chip thingey that monitors the calories burned, miles covered and GPS tracking. As I can only see the results when plugged in an iphone/ipod, I also need the additional hardware. So I bought an Ipod Touch 4. So the premise is, I will be motivated to run and train because its a waste of money if i didn’t use the gadgets.

I also compulsively registered for the Sundown Marathon. I signed up for the 21K. Never mind that I have been a couch potato for the rest of the year and I still use the elevator in my 3 story apartment. At least I will be forced to train. 


2. Learn to Cook

I am a self professed expert in frying and boiling foods. My current masterpieces includes boiling and frying hotdogs, frying the perfect sunny side up eggs and boiling the perfect temperature of water for nissin cup noodles and of course evenly slathering Nuttela on Gardenia. I needed to up my ante.

Game Plan

I installed this Jaime Oliver cooking app and I plan to do at least 1 recipe per week. Again the app is not free so I will be “motivated” to use it. Also I bought pots and pans and cooking wares last year when I moved place but still haven’t unpacked it yet.


3. Travel to at least 3 countries

So I’ve been to Boracay, Melaka, and Indonesia this year. (Damn my Batam Trip is still in draft mode) I am planning on going somewhere where I need to fly over. Possibly Yogyakarta, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.

Game Plan

I finished paying my credit card dues and I think its time to max it out again. I will grab seats when there is a ticket sale, regardless if I have a travel companion or not. And I will apply for visa right away. No backing up. I was not ready for the Paris Sale ticket from Air Asia, so I gotta get even next year.


4. Shoot More Film

I bought 2 digital cameras this year. The Canon G11 that only lasted for 4  1/2 months (it went swimming on it’s own) and my current Nikon D3000. I haven’t been going out with my Holga and Vivitar underwater cams and I still have a lots of films undeveloped. I really really miss their unpredictability and artistic outputs, especially now that there are a lot of “apps” out there purportedly giving the same results. Its like piracy. If you want the effects, buy a goddamn real camera.

Game Plan

Set up a blog and stick with it. HolgaProject365 starts on January 1. I already have 31 days ready pictures I took this month to be posted all through out January.

Pano 1

5. New Industry

I feel like a robot now, the work is like a routine everyday. I don’t even see myself moving forward or backwards in my career. It is so sad. I became a travel agent because I thought I can travel, but it is the complete opposite. Instead, I am stuck at the office convincing clients to take this or that airlines, routes, itinerary etc. when I, myself haven’t been there. It is so fake.

Game Plan

Resign. And I did. My last day is on January 20. I already passed my resumes to creative, events and consultancy agencies. I am confident in my skills and I am a fast learner. I am techy if I may say so, and am familiar with the basics of HTML, and website designs. I think it is time for me to turn my hobby into something productive. Wish me luck on that.

Xmas Partey! 001

So there, Happy New Year y’all and Hope you fulfil your new years resolution too!


  1. I think I should also have gameplans ;) goodluck on your career shift.

    Have a happy New Year and go unpack those pots and pans;)

  2. Parang ang sarap sarap naman... ng life... on your perspective... I wanna be like that someday.. hmmm... I wanna travel some country.. but not much.. maybe just three countries in my life..

    hmmmm x)

    Happy new year hope You accomplish your goals.. and visit my tagalig blog if you like..


    Happy new year!

  3. Mayet. Correct, New Year resolutions are nothing if we don't do anything to make them come true :)

  4. Kamilkshake, hello! Happy new year! I am following both your tagalog and english blogs :)

    I have both too hahaha, follow me back? :P

  5. Nike+ is an excellent product. I've used it a lot but since my ipod died I've moved to Nokia Sports tracker which offers the same functionality on my phone.

    I'll keep an eye on your blog. That's a very respectable goal. I couldn't keep up with one shot per day speed.

  6. well actually i think I have 3 months worth for unprocessed film. processing here in SG is sooo expensive, but I am going back to PH and and I can do it in bulk :)


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