Sunday, December 30, 2012

It is Monday Tomorrow.

Monday. I don't like Monday. I never liked Monday. I can't recall a time when I longed for Monday. I can only recall whining a lot about Monday. Especially Monday mornings.

I used to skip the first half of Mondays and went work only on the second half and its funny because nobody, even my supervisor realized that I'm always missing every first half of Monday. People tends to leave their heads at the comfort of their beds in between sheets and pillows when they go to work on Monday. It's either they don't have a clue or they don't give a shit if you're not in your place on Monday.

Good thing there are more excuses from work that you can think of on Monday than any other day of the week. Hangover from Thursday night is soooo unbelievable on Friday morning, and besides, no real work is being done during Monday, the real meat of production are during Wednesday and Thursday, other days that are not mention are just warm-up days.

I say we skip those days and pour all our skills and energy every Wednesday and Thursday, and Earth will be habitable longer if we don't move around during Monday.

Less travel to office means less fuel-burning means less greenhouse effect, and if all of us eat a lot of beef and stay in our houses every Monday, we can combat global warming in just two punches.

- Cows burps methane, eating them will kill the source of this bad gas.

- Cars, factories and air conditioners emits gases that are hard to pronounce and spell, those kind of gases are usually bad for the atmosphere and our vocabulary. By staying extra day indoor we will lessen the output of these bad gases.

- Crime rate is high during Monday because of traffic, that too will be solved, a bonus.

- Remember, winning the fight against global warming will lead to a better future for our children.
Hence, skipping Monday can save the future of the next generation.

-Don't you tell me you don't care about the next generation. They are the one who will invent the time machine and the teleports and the next generation ipod.

And don't tell me to start the work the next day, I hate Tuesday even more.

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