Friday, December 10, 2010

Nothing To Worry About

This Way to Gotham City

Something weird happened just now. I was drafting a gloomy post in relation to this gloomy picture I took and wanted to call it “This way to Gotham”. It is a story on how I finally got the time to go back to this forlorn street after weeks of self imposed reasons like I’m too busy and the bus stop is too far, or what to do after, or the street is too mainstream for “dark theme photography” (is there such a thing?) but in between drafting I was chatting with a friend about the good life in Philippines, beaches we’ve been to, bitches we met, that pacman shoes we saw online, how the colors change when you squint one eye and more trivial but happy matters. I was  typing and tagging interesting snippets and words because it i think it was funny and would make a good blogging material sometime in the future. I didn’t realize I was mixing two thoughts at the same time. Anyhoo, Ithis is what it came out and  thought I’d arrange them like this to look like a poem or something.

Lets forget about
the stock market
or ruling the world
for the meanwhile
and appreciate
a glass of cold water
soft pillows
and a pleasant smile

Let's be amazed
with the fact
that the yellow sun rises
and not fuss about
promotions, 3 day sales
and winning Nobel prizes

Let's not worry
where the human race is headed
or if you will pass
tomorrows test
We can't win the universe
some times "good enough"
is better than "best"

Stop chasing for that
millionaire husband
or beauty queen wife
talk to your dog
buy ice cream
eat cake
and see the sparkle
in a simple kind of life

So yeah, there. My Lame  Attempt on Poetry (Accidental though it may be)


  1. that's nice.
    a simple life-that's we should aim for as not to forgo the real pleasure the universe has to offer!

    btw, I like this photo--it depicts sadness and serenity at the same time.
    have a lovely day.

  2. I also have secret affection to poetry (Opps I said it out loud). I like everything here. The photo, the story and the poem.

    It's an important idea you have here. It's the only way to go unless you intend to become an immortal figure who struggled under the weight of the world and died at very young age leaving behind a heritage of undying works of art.

    If you wish to live and actually enjoy it, you should take the imperfect way.

  3. @whathisname - no need to be ashamed about liking poetry. It only means we are more sophisticated in our literary tastes than others. bwahehehe.

    I love poetry too, or least reading them. I can appreciate a good one if see one, but I don't usually write them :)

  4. @mayet - thanks. I like the photo too :) Especially the fact that I've been procrastinating for months if i'm going to that part of the city or not.


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