Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to Make a Holga Splitzer

I know a lot of people who prefers the Diana instead of a Holga just for the sake of wizz bang features/add-ons/hacks. Diana got lots of lens adaptor, splitzer and even a polaroid back. Well F**k that. Yeah it may be cool but I don’t wanna shell out $$$ for a feature that I won’t really use.

Here comes Holga's answer for the Splitzer. There have been a lot of "modifications" available for a Holga making it the "Frankenstein" of all toy cameras. This this one I assure you is non-destructive.

First tip when you bought your Holga is to ditch the lens cap. Its easy to forget to take it off, and in my case, in my first few rolls I stupidly wasted almost half the roll because of this. But who says it's totally useless?  

To make a Holga Splitzer, all you need is that cap and 2 minutes of your time! Yes, that's just freaking 2 minutes! (and some band-aid if you're a clutz)

You will need;

The Cap


Errmm… that’s all. And here’s what you do;


Cut it in half (that’s the first and final step)


And here are the results;

Half Me

Need More Practice

Lame Attempt at Half Body Shot

Needless to say, I need more practice in guesstimating the vanishing point, but hey if I say so myself the first self portrait was on the spot Smile with tongue out


  1. I tried to create similar results with a custom-made mask, but I didn't realize re-rolling the film would be so challenging. I spent over half an our in my toilet with lights out trying to figure out how to get the paper right. I finally gave up and let light ruin my precious film.

  2. I tried that too, but I didn't secure the mask enough inside and it rolled with the film. My holga was already battered with experimental mods so I took pity and gave up.

    Lucky i have the lens cap lying around somewhere and tried a couple of shots in every roll of film and it went ok :)

  3. Nice naman, kakaibang effect. It's always fun to play with a camera :)


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