Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why I love Saturday

1. I can wake up late

2. I like to do laundry. I love the smell of powdered detergent and the vrrrooom—shsssss---vrrrooom sound of the washing machine (ok i get it I’m weird)

3. I get to cook something. Which I can’t do on weekdays. Its either I’m running late in the morning to bother breakfast, or to tired to cook dinner. On Saturday, I can cook hmmm… hotdogs at least, and boil water for my Nissin’s Cup Noodles.

4. Every reason is  a good reason to go out. Tonight I am here in Starbucks at Orchard Road for the free wifi, before this I’ve been to a lotsa place just to “check-in” in as many places as I can in Gowalla and Foursquare.

5. Saturday for the whole week of December is a Photo Bazaar day at Objectifs, and the stash of films are on sale. I bought 3 rolls of experimental 120 redscales films and 3 rolls of lomo slide films.

6. I like hanging out at my cousin’s place to play Wii.

7. Most of the time, for some reason, Saturday is Sunnier than Sunday.

8. I can sleep late, like wait for Sunday.

Anyhoo, I like all my post to have pictures however unrelated, so I present to you the most fondled Buddha Statue in Singapore! He looks so happy don’t you think?


Vivitar UWS, Fuji Sensia

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