Monday, November 29, 2010

Holga + Orchard Road

I hate Monday. Don’t you hate Monday? I do.

Nothing can ever put me in a sour mood except Monday. Perhaps because I spend the weekends sleeping late and waking late and only getting up when I feel bedsore, and not eating meals  not because I’m not hungry but because I’m too lazy to cook and there is nothing to cook anyway. I can’t do that on Monday, because on Monday I have to get up early and be at work early, you know, starting the week right. My brain is hardwired to that silly superstition that what to do on Monday sets the whole week’s mood. So If I’m late on Monday, It’ll be a tardy whole week, so forth and so on. So yeah I hate Monday.

I only half like Friday and Sunday. Its Saturday I like more, and Holiday the most (because you’re supposed to work but not going too)

Speaking of Friday, here are some Holga prints for that last Bulbing Session.

Orhard Road

Where's Mickey?

Black Friday Shopping

Ice Cream Man

Your's Truly


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